The nose is one of the most noticeable parts of the human body. It's there for everyone to see, hence the expression "as plain as the nose on your face" when something is obvious. But despite that, it's something we often don't think about until we get a cold or have trouble breathing. The nose is a complex organ, one we use for smelling and breathing. Taking care of the nose is important. Preventing and treating nasal symptoms due to cold and allergies not only makes us feel better, it helps us remain healthy. This is because the nose plays an important role in filtering the air that enters our body.

Did you know that our nose never stops getting bigger?

It grows throughout our lifetimes. In ancient Rome, it was considered a sign of leadership to be born with a crooked nose. Several modern-day celebrities are famous for recognizable noses, while others pay thousands of dollars in search of the perfect nose that will improve their appearance. It's time to learn more about this remarkable organ.


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